Inside Final 48 Hours of Alligator Hunting Season

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VIDEO: Record Alligator Caught at Mississippi Gator Hunt It’s midnight deep in the dark waters of the Mississippi Delta, and there’s 48 hours of this year’s record-breaking alligator hunting season left to go. Over the past 10 days, three teams have captured some of the largest alligators ever recorded, making headlines across the nation.

Each hunter is allowed to catch two gators in this 10-day season.

Beth Trammel and her family caught a whopping 723 pound alligator a little more than a week ago, so we decided to tag along on their nighttime hunt.

Trammel, a suburban mom, is a paralegal by day and an alligator hunter by night. She’s joined by her son Parker, husband Rob and brother-in-law Sean.

“I’m the Gator Queen,” she said.

Catching that big beast last week – on her second night hunting ever – made her feel as if she were in the presence of a prehistoric monster. She was terrified.

“They pulled us around in circles, for about an hour, hour and a half,” she said.


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